The Mekong Delta is an extremely important area in Southern Vietnam. It serves as the rice bowl and fruit basket for the country’s important agricultural industry.

It also boasts some of the friendliest locals and truly unique experiences.

During our two days BIKING and KAYAKING trip we will immerse you in this amazing local culture. 


Cycling through villages to see daily life of the locals.

Kayaking along river/canal to experience river life.

Kayaking on the Mighty Mekong River to see the Surise.

Stay overngiht at local place.

Enjoy local food with cooking class.

And much more is waiting for you to discover.

Mekong Kayaking

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Customer Feedback

Anddy 30-03-2017

“Kayaking and biking-2 great ways to experience Delta” My daughter and I wanted to be active and do two of our favorite sports. It was a great way to see the area. The area was beautiful and we got to see how locals lived by paddling and biking by and through local villages and homes along the water. The guides were friendly and helpful. Definitely way to go! Visited.Feb.2017


Shane Hobday 16-06-2017

If you wish to see the Mekong....this is the way to do it ! I have no hesitation in recommending this tour. You have the opportunity to boat, kayak and cycle the Mekong visiting villages, waterways and communities. The kayaks and mountain bikes where of good standard and the guide was excellent being from the Mekong area himself. Approx 3 - 4 km of paddling and 15km or so of flat trails and tracks ... a fabulous experience.


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At a glance

  • Tour Type: Kayaking

    Tour length: 02 days


    Rider/kayaker: Min: 01 - Max: 10
    Departure: Everyday

    Kayaking duration per day: 02 hours
    Where to kayak: Mekong River,canal
    Kayaking level: Beginner, no need experience
    Cycling distance per day: 20 -30 km
    Road condition: as flat as pancake
    Cycling level: Beginner

    Meal: Local food

    Stay: local homestay